We have owned and operated salons, literally, all over the United States. We have provided education to salon groups in 33 different states. Our education influences range from the who's who in hairstyling history for some 40 years. We have sought out and studied those who have driven hair design, from the Videl Sasoon Academy in London, to our current fascination with the artistic genius of John Sahag. Our staff has always been able to translate this exposure to making a client more beautiful.

Now, this influence has manifested itself into a dynamic, talented and highly trained staff. These young artists have spent a minimum of a year in training beside our senior staff. As a result, they have developed their own unique blend of hair artistry.

Review our list of styling talent and book with the artist of your choice. You will also enjoy a stylist who can release the shape that presents you at your best. You are welcome at Attitudes.